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What symptoms should I expect?

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I have a relative that has declared to the world she has recently been "cured" of diabetes. She is no longer taking 120 units lantus (insulin).

Again, she explains the insulin is no longer necessary because she has been "healed." I am worried and wondered what symptoms should we expect to occur as a result. She refuses to check her sugar level stating it is not necessary since she is "cured" of the disease.

My question; what can we expect to occur as a result of her behavior? What can we do?
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Hello, welcome to Diabetes Forum. How did your relative reach this conclusion? Is it because her test results on her meter were running much lower than ever before? If so, that means she has her diabetes under much better control, but that is NOT the same as a cure. There is no cure for either type of diabetes. Is she Type 1, or Type 2?

If she is Type 2, she has insulin resistance. A Type 2 on Lantus means her pancreas is not producing enough insulin so she had to use a combination of medication and insulin. If she has stopped her Lantus then her pancreas can burn itself out so she will be completely insulin dependent.

If she has Type 1, then her pancreas produces little or no insulin. She could not live very long without insulin if she is that type. Many years ago, before insulin was discovered, Type 1 diabetics usually survived for a year at most.

If your relative is not seeing an endocrinologist (diabetes specialist) then try to convince her to see one as soon as possible. Thanks for looking after your friend!

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She came to the conclusion she was "cured" after attending church. She believes God has cured her. She refuses to test her sugar because that would demonstrate lack of faith. She has type 2 diabetes and I am afraid of what the future holds because of her behavior. How long can she last without insulin?
If she has Type 2 then she can live longer because she is not totally dependant on the Lantus. Her body still produces some insulin. Her health will probably decline gradually and diabetes complications may develop. Kidneys, eyes and the nervous system will be affected. How long it will take depends on how strong and resistant she is. It can vary greatly from one individual to another. Is she overweight? Does she follow a healthy diet and avoid high carb foods? Does she take any Type 2 medications, other than insulin? Those are factors that will determine how long it will be before the complications begin.
Thank you for your attention.

Yes, she is over weight. Because of the weight issues she has high blood pressure, back problems, sleep apnea cardiovascular disease...just to name a few. Since October 18th, she has stopped taking all her medications. I am unable to protect her from herself.
Her relatives or family should take over at this point. I understand your concern but you cannot force her to make the right moves. Perhaps family can.
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