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What To Drink If It's NOT Just Plain Water?

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It's a long story, but I don't drink (or drink very little.. if I can get away with it), plain water. It started way back in my early childhood and has carried through to my present age.

To me, among other things, water has no taste or body to it (and as such, doesn't satisfy what I'm looking for). Seeing I don't drink coffee or tea (can't stand the taste), nor any type of beer or alcohol (blah), I've mostly drank juices, pop/soda (with Root Beer being my favorite), or milk.

Now that I'm a "stage 2 person" I've tried to cut down on my pop/soda (with much difficulty considering I'm a Root Beer'aholic). I have found that "fruit juices" contain sugars.. while vegetable juices go the other way when it comes to salt.

At this point I've tried to "test the waters" (had to get a pun in there somewhere) and satisfy my taste by "brewing my own". This is one of the concoctions I've come up with.

I'll take some "sodium free seltzer" (which gives it the fizz that pop/soda has) and to it I add the correct amount of sugar free low calorie flavored drink mix (such as, ie: Crystal Light, Vita Splash, etc., etc.).

It's still in the progress stage.. and I'm narrowing down the flavors I like. Do any of you, or have any of you, tried the same thing.. or do you buy the pre-bottled plain flavored water when you go shopping.

So What Say You?

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Looks to me like you're on the right track, Breeze. I'm not a big water drinker myself, although we're on a well and our water is delicious. But compared with my husband, I drink very little water straight. I have also taken advantage of club soda & sometimes drink it straight, but adding your flavor of choice makes perfect sense. There's another one I really like, and that's (diet) tonic water. We keep it for DH's gin/tonics, but I like it straight. It's carbonated, sorta sweet & has just a little "bite".

Most of the flavors I add to my water are in the tea arena - some herbals, some not . . . green tea, peach tea, mandarin orange spice tea.

Staying hydrated is a big deal and I have to work on it. I think as we age, it becomes even more important, since other developments like constipation, etc., can hinge on whether we're getting enough fluids.

But I don't buy water in a bottle - not even the flavored ones.
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I'm generally more into diet Sodas my favorite is pepsi one which they don't have locally and I have to drive 2 hours and stock up on every once and a while. Crystal light has a lot of good products out there too. You should look into some of the diet root beers.

Personally when it comes to sweeteners I am more into the splenda which you don't find in a lot of products but I look... You should look into the Fuze juices, there are some with no sugar and taste great.
There is a lot of information out there against drinking diet sodas. I have been limiting myself to only one per day. I like Crystal Lite very much. Walmart has a competing brand with some different flavors. My favorites are from Ocean Spray. Their Cranberry, Grape and Peach flavors are the best, in my opinion. I also like ice tea, hot tea and water with lemon juice. I use Sweet And Low for my tea and lemonade.
Hello Breeze :D, I have had the same idea 33 Years ago as I had a water bottle in Ballet and like you say as water is bland & lifeless. I looked into soda water and orange then later Mango too. ;) I loved it. Since that I need energy to keep my dancing the way my instructor likes it had seen me make this up. Then noted that I was a diabetic. As this works fo me. The other drink is the fruit that you mix up in the vitamizser. I know that this may spike BG but then I see it as energy in a instant!!! :D:D:) But you must work this off!!! as then you must "In my case" Dance it off!! :D

It's like a drummer has an OJ after a jam session!! ;)
I usually buy the flavored sparkling water.
Diet pepsi with wild cherry is the one thing in life that I have not, nor will give up, even if it kills me.
I drink mineral water...a fairly cheap one...I find still water too heavy and like most of us I don't drink enough...I am also a coffee drinker lol but I'm attempting to drink green tea after 5pm to ummm encourage sleep...if I feel like something jazzy I'll squeeze some lemon or lime in the mineral water or sometimes after dark *whispers* vodka!
I drink copious amounts of water, sometimes in excess of a gallon a day. Since I have to drink diet, as well as clear (for kidney stones), I have found that Walmart has started carrying a new line. They have several flavors; coconut, blueberry-lemonade, lemonade, strawberry-lemonade and peach-lemonade. They are only 68 cents per 2 liter and I like them all except for coconut. :yuck:
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I drink water, Crystal Light and sugar-free soda/pop at times.

I usually only drink the Crystal Light or soda/pop at meals. I tend to get an insulin response from the sweetness of them... I'm only guessing there, but if I have a pop outside of meal time, I do get cravings for carbs... so... my best guess an insulin response to the sweetness of the drink.

I have no such issues when I drink water.

I also drink Accellerade when I cycle (1/2 strength, mixed with extra water) long distances.
I have been increasing my water but I've been trying out a few different diet pops which I know aren't great; they are definitely better then my old dependency on regular coke.

One that I've really liked is the Nestea diet green tea. A&W also makes a diet root beer which is pretty good.
Yeah, A&W's Diet Root Beer isn't bad at all for a diet drink.

My feeling is to do your best to have your diet drinks TOGETHER with your meals or your snacks. That works best for me, anyway, though others may be able to get away with other times.
One that I've really liked is the Nestea diet green tea.
This is one of my very favorite drinks too.
I bought Mio, a liquid you add dropwise to water, for work. Pretty good and I use less than they recommend.
I bought Mio, a liquid you add dropwise to water, for work. Pretty good and I use less than they recommend.
First time I've heard of this & I'll be looking for it. Thanks, Linda!
Foxl - thank you for the tip! Have seen it in the store and my wife and I discussed trying, had not yet. But will :D

I bought Mio, a liquid you add dropwise to water, for work. Pretty good and I use less than they recommend.
For me, chilled water could be satisfying enough, but Cold Diet Coke it's heaven..:p
I've been drinking Ocean Spray DIET juice - I've found Cranberry Pomegranate and Cranberry Grape. An 8 ounce serving of mostly real juice has 100% Vitamin C, total carb 2g, sweetened with Splenda. Taste isn't great, kinda watered down, but not bad and I really miss juice.
The pop I like is Zevia. It has Truvia in it as the sweetener. It comes in many flavors. My grocery store even carries it.
Mio is also good to add to water.
What works for me is *COLD* water, with Ice, a slice of home-grown lemon, and a home-grown ``long Cayenne'' chilli pepper, sliced longitudinally (with seeds). It flavours the water with a bit of a tang, and is very palatable. I find I can re-use the ``vegetables'' all day, but if you leave them overnight they get a bit ``vrot'', and definitely need renewing! Besides, by then, the chilli will have you steaming :)

Alan. Type 1. (LADA)
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