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I truly agree. I just told another Lad yesterday that I live off of laughter.

Kerri is a Beautiful Gal, through and through. I mistakenly(OOPPS)
wished her a Happy 30th Birthday a short while ago. She was quick
with the Thank you AND correcting me that she was only 29. :D AH!
What's an extra year? LOL

I was actually going to mention about what a difference humour
makes in the Life of a Person with a chronic disease. Then have
a sticky with some jokes, humourous incidents, etc., that anyone
could add to. I watch two comedies a day and Friends usually
send me a chuckle every few days.

1,077 Posts
Terrie, I have always faced my trials and difficult times with a sense of humor. It is my way of relieving nervous tension and preventing stress. I don't think I have ever had highs from stress. I have, however. had lows from excitement. Lol!

Hey Richard: :)

Wow, Good for you. Yes, humour certainly does make problems seem
smaller or less of a hurdle.

I must say though when I was in my 20 something's to 30 something,
I was too overwhelmed with so much going on in Life and not enough
time to find much humour. It wasn't until my Kids turned about 10 and
14 that I found that they could look after quite a bit of their responsibilities,
that I felt more relaxed and saw much more humour back into Life.

Hey, you too? Why didn't you say so? My sugars drop like a rock when
I'm stressed. Little stress or big doesn't matter. I've been on the sites
since 2002 and everyone I heard from said their sugars went high. I
couldn't believe it. I ended up later finding 1 Guy(aside from my 2 Brothers)
on a site who experienced the same lows like me, he said. Then a few Ladies,
now I know of 12 oh plus you is 13. So we're not alone on this planet. :D
Richard, I'm not even gonna ask what you mean with that last sentence. :rolleyes:
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