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I was like that when I first koimed. I had all the good intentions, but didnt do anything about it , still ate really bad .. UNTIL NOW < after a few side effects : " OOUUCCHH" of sugar in the 500 's , THEN you are willing to do anything to lower it, esp my belly fat , lol I have no fat anywhere else.. LOL Just my upper tummy . bulging !! I HATE IT !!! SO I am eating right, still trying to find some of the item,s yall talk about . coconut oil, and whey powder, I would LOVE to try soem of those shakes sounds like somthing I would do . I have always been a light eater, so making myself eat more, and eat well, its hard.. BUT I am willing aND TRYING because I dont want these side effects returning, or worse !!! sometimes it takes somthing major to happen to get us ON THE RIGHT ROAD> and just like me, I didnt think it was ALL caused just by the food I ate. But YEP !! IF you eat right LC and HF , HP , HF ., YOU CAN beat this thing !!
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