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Though not the cook that jwags is, I do the same. The problem is, I forget what I've done and then can't replicate. I know, take notes - as if. There's a batch of peanut butter cookies/bars I made back in April that I would pay big money to know how they came about. They were low-carb but not crumbly like the ones I make now, and better flavor. It's gone.

Reminds me of my mom once years ago. She made a killer dinner that I flopped my face into, saying I wanted the recipe so I could eat it every day for the rest of my life. She said something like: "Make a beef burgundy, to the leftovers the next day add XY - to those leftovers add the leftovers of AB - then spice those leftovers with blah blah .... in other words enjoy - you'll never eat it again!"
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