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my question about diferrent types of diabetes
what is the diferrence between type I and type II insulin depended
and if someone was diagnosed at the age of 40 , well the doctor didnt require to know which type he started witht he pills like sidophage not sure if it is known allover the world, but anyway they did no good to him , few months later he started getting insulin shots and it did a great job to him , but it was only one shot a day and that was probably before lunch and it was 40 units , but once he started taking insulin his doctor stopped the pills and it showed no diferrence , all what he need is one shot of insulin , his sugar level sometimes become high with the shot and sometimes if eh didnt eat well it become very low 70 or something , and when he usually tests after eating and taking his inuslin the sugar is nothing lower than 200 or 230 .
now my questiond oes this sound type I or type II ?
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