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Why Is Type 1 On The Rise Among Children?

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It's no secret that type 1 diabetes is on the rise in children. If current trends continue, new cases in kids younger than 5 could double by 2020.

Below are five hypotheses that explain why. All of them presume that the person has some genetic tendency towards developing type 1 diabetes

1. Too big too fast. The "accelerator hypothesis" theorizes that children who are bigger and grow more quickly are more likely to develop type 1 diabetes.
2. Too little sun. The "sunshine hypothesis" comes from data showing that countries situated closer to the equator have lower rates of type 1 diabetes.
3. Too clean. The "hygiene hypothesis" is the notion that cleanliness — lack of exposure to certain germs and parasites — may increase susceptibility to diseases like diabetes.
4. Too much cow's milk. The "cow's milk hypothesis" states that exposing babies to infant formula containing cow's milk in the first six months of life damages their immune systems, and can trigger autoimmune diseases such as type 1 diabetes.
5. Too much pollution. The "POP hypothesis" alleges that being exposed to pollutants increases diabetes risk.

5 Reasons That May Explain Why Type 1 Diabetes Is on the Rise - US News and World Report
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RF and Rise in Type 1

Most people still are not aware that an enormous toll is being taken on our health and immune function from the wireless technology that has proliferated with no pre market safety testing and continues to spread with no end in sight. Radio frequency radiation or RF and EMF is going to exact a toll that will make tobacco and asbestos seem like the common cold. There are many of us that are dying and don't know it yet but will soon keep over with multiple cancers, early alzheimers and other devastating health problems from Phones, masts and the wi fi that school boards are placing in our schools. Immune function is being razed by the chronic constant exposure to RF. Magda Havas of Trent University in Canada has done extensive research on the effect of EMF and RF on diabetes and blood sugar. The pharmaceutical industrial complex is licking its chops over the profits that will be coming from the carnage that we are beginning to see from this technology. more info @
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my 7yr old have it and am insulin resistant like me.
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