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I am a 50 year old female. I have a vietamin D deficiency. I have been trying to lose weight and have lost about 40 lbs over the past 5 months. I started monitoring my blood sugar level and have several questions:
Fasting level over the past month has ranged from 90 to 123; It is most often around 107. It was only 123 one time.
One hour after meal ranges have been 97-147. The 147 ocurred one time. Most often it is around 111.
How do these numbers look to you? How important is the vietamin D deficiency?
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Hi Redwind - It's good to meet you!

Those blood glucose levels are absolutely superb! They are normal blood glucose levels quite typical of those of a non-diabetic person.

Great news too regarding the weight loss!

Keep up the good work!

Sorry, I don't know anything about vitamin D deficiency other than it is sun that improves it. Have you tried vitamin D supplements?

Best wishes - John
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Take specifically vitamin D3. It's the form your body can use best. I don't know if it has any effect on diabetes, but it is quite effective against my my seasonal affective disorder; I don't need a special lamp anymore in the winter when I used to need it for at least half an hour daily. It's good for depression, too, which is a common thing in diabetics.
Welcome, Redwind - your blood levels are within non-diabetic parameters. Good for you checking them now & again - you can't be too careful! Relative to the vitamin D, I haven't been diagnosed deficient, but after a bone density test this month, my doc recommended a calcium/vitamin D supplement morning & night. It definitely relates to bone health, and while you're still young, it's important to KEEP your bones strong, so I'd say "yes", it's important to treat a vitamin D deficiency.
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