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I am not familiar with them. From a quick look at their website, though, they are a business all about making money. They give only partial nutritional info about their meals and meal replacements, which makes me nervous. And it's always the protein and fiber they list, never the carbs. Also, they never mention their diet being appropriate for diabetics. They also seem to rely on a lot of very processed food.

I would suggest that you could do the same thing much less expensively by using a scale to measure food portions. You can duplicate the convenience by preparing and/or cooking food ahead. (Although, you, Breeze, due to your health issues right now, may not be able to do that)

For example, they offer a breakfast cereal of instant oatmeal with apples. If you give regular rolled oats a quick pulse in a blender, mix in some artificial sweetener and dried apples, a touch of cinnamon, and package it up airtight in snack size ziplock baggies you can have the same convenience as the purchased product but cheaper and diabetes friendly. (as far as any grain for breakfast is diabetes friendly, and instant oatmeal has a glycemic index of like 87 so it just plain isn't)

Nutrisystem has a diet specifically tailored for diabetics. Moreover, I actually know somebody who successfully used Nutrisystem to lose weight and kept the weight off thereafter. At least this program has been tested in a clinical study. It may be a good answer for you right now, Breeze, with your compromised health.
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