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I'm really excited because I get to eat TOAST!

2 pieces, with natural peanut butter AND NSA (no-sugar-added) Jam.

The total breakdown should be:

Calories 442
Carbs (g) 47
Protein (g) 17
Fat (g) 18
Net Carbs 36

Yup, 47 total carbs... But I'm allowed to, I think... I'm about to fuel a 2 hour bike ride.

I plan on doing some extensive testing (about every 15 minutes) to see how this works... I'm waiting 45 minutes after the meal to begin my ride...

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...Yup, 47 total carbs... But I'm allowed to, I think... I'm about to fuel a 2 hour bike ride.
So, my youngest kid (Jeff, he's 14) totally screwed up my 2hr ride... at 40 minutes in I get a phone call that he's forgot his lunch... GAR! So I ended up riding for only 50 minutes, so I could deliver his lunch to him...

I plan on doing some extensive testing (about every 15 minutes) to see how this works... I'm waiting 45 minutes after the meal to begin my ride...
I still tested like crazy though... so here's the breakdown:

1040hrs ate TOAST...
1124hrs 6.5 (117) begin bike ride, riding hard, maintaining 160-170 heart rate throughout...
1140hrs 5.1 (92)
1150hrs 5.2 (94)
1157hrs 4.1 (74)
1204hrs 4.6 (83)
1211hrs 4.6 (83) then climbed/sprinted for a minute or two
1215hrs 4.3 (77) last test, got off the bike at this point.
1245hrs 6.1 (110) 30 minutes after the bike ride, obviously had a liver dump

My analysis: I burn glucose quickly... It would appear that shortly after 1140hrs I dropped enough to liver dump, thus the slight climb at 1150.

(Note: I was going to test every 10-15 minutes, but changed my mind after seeing the quick drops and tested more-frequently - I'm pretty sure that considering the speed of glucose consumption that I also burned/dumped prior to the 1140 reading... )

The drop at 1157 shows how fast I burn through the glucose in my bloodstream, and knowing me I dumped seconds after that test.

The very small increase 7 minutes later at 1204 suggests that the liver dumps I'm experiencing during exercise aren't huge... I normally find that my dumps put me up to the low 6's (110-ish), and it seems I can burn through that small dump in 6 or 7 minutes of intense exercise.

This idea of fast consumption and small, frequent liver dumps is backed up by the next test - at 1211, again 7 minutes later, I'm the same 4.6, which would suggest drop and subsequent small dump between 1204 and 1211.

I would also theorize that I dumped very shortly after the 1211 reading, which I burned through during the sprint/climb I did, resulting in the 4.3 final reading...

Getting off the bike at 4.3 (no real cooldown, so very active metabolism) I'd keep burning and probably dump again shortly thereafter.

Being 6.1 (110) now seems pretty normal... slight dump after the low from the exercise, up to where my body seems to like to be lately. (I rarely post above the low-to-mid 6's on my 2hr post-prandials now.)

So that's enough testing for me to realize that I really do need some carbs to fuel me when doing intense riding or endurance cycling, and that I burn through my blood glucose extremely quickly.

And since research also shows that many diabetics have fewer-available glycogen stores, 'bonking' (complete depletion of glycogen stores) could theoretically be achieved earlier than in non-diabetics... thus the need to keep a constant fuel supply will likely be extremely important.

(In fact, I know for me a 'bonk' now only takes two hours for intense exercise... my last two-hour session resulted in a final BG reading of 3.7, tunnel-vision and the need for my kids to make me my post-workout shake... because I was seriously post-workout shaky...)

OK, that's my pseudo-scientific ramblings for the day.

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Congrats - your self research is impressive, and inspirational.

I'm going to begin endurance training, after I build up to daily exercise of some sort. I figure it will take about 5 years to get where you are, at which point I might move straight from a bike to a wheelchair.

On my tombstone: She did it for TOAST!
ROFLMAO! You should see the way my wife looks at me lately, I'm pretty sure she thinks I'm headed there, lol!

I'm lucky in that I used to be an athlete, so getting back in shape is easier than I thought. The only difficulty is with my spinal condition, but luckily cycling isn't impacted by that. I wish I could run, but that's no longer an option.

Good luck with your efforts!

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I get to eat toast everyday, but it has to be Sprouted Grain toast made with no flour. Even without any exercise I am usually close to 100 at 2 hours. When I do intense exercise for an hour or two I definitely get those huge liver dumps so I have to balance my exercise.
Sprouted-Grain bread is the best for me, also. I find mine at Costco and I'm very happy with it. I'm lucky in that my liver dumps all seem to be smaller than they used to.
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