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Worried about grandkid

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Hi everyone
I raising my granddaughter and in the past few months have worried about her developing diabetes. She is 11 yrs old and weighs about 125. She is now wearing ladies petite clothes because that is the only thing I can find to fit her. She complains of being hungry all the time. I don't know if that is just a bad habit or what. I will not buy a lot of sweets because she will eat everyting in two days. On her mother's side of the family everyone was a type 1 insulin dependent. Am I worring about nothing?
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I almost wrote today, but at that age my daughter weighed about 144 and her father and I thought she looked somewhat 'overweight' but her god father, her pediatrician told me not to let her know I thought it, but to find a painless way to make it a challenge, so one night after dinner I asked if everyone around the table was happy with their weight after saying I sure wasn't so we all trooped in to the scales and weighed. We wrote down each persons weight and then all of us decided to let me be the cook and follow the old WW's diet sort of. We each set our own goal after checking what was 'normal' for our height and age. Her brother was underweight so we all agreed that he should be able to have some snacks that were off limits to us and proceeded to from that day eat b'fast and dinner together and we weighed in once a week. It worked, and she lost down to 120 which was okay for her bone structure and being pre-pubescent she grew and developed into a lovely adolescent with no more concern about her weight that the girls a couple of years older. Her father and I got to our goals also, and I continued to eat carefully and maintained our weights too. I still have the chart we kept and used each week...and, now her brother has caught up and surpassed any of us and needs to be careful. Doing it as a family made the competitive edge fun for us.

One of her little brother's treats was keeping peanut butter around and once I bought a new jar and put a label on it telling what the calorie content was as it seemed to have a hole in the bottom. We laugh about that ploy now! It seemed to keep the hole, but we did manage to get to our personal goals....
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As my pediatrician told us, self-image is fragile stuff and girls and boys a bit later tend to 'beef up' a bit right before their puberty comes into play. He was most concerned, rightly or wrongly, that a kid maintain the best they could heading into the confusing teen years with all the peer pressure and hormonal changes about to become issues.
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What about Tio? It's a no calorie drop you put in water and it tastes like Kool Aid? Maybe make it up and keep in the 'fridge?
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