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Worried about grandkid

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Hi everyone
I raising my granddaughter and in the past few months have worried about her developing diabetes. She is 11 yrs old and weighs about 125. She is now wearing ladies petite clothes because that is the only thing I can find to fit her. She complains of being hungry all the time. I don't know if that is just a bad habit or what. I will not buy a lot of sweets because she will eat everyting in two days. On her mother's side of the family everyone was a type 1 insulin dependent. Am I worring about nothing?
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I went on my first diet at age 11. I learned how to count calories (read: control portions) and I lost 8 pounds. But the most important part was that I gained knowledge and skills that helped me stay fit and healthy for the next 25 years -- till PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) and insulin resistance changed everything.
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One more thing: even if nothing works right now, there may come a time when a switch in her brain flips and she becomes a weight-losing dynamo.

That happened to my youngest. She started getting "soft around the edges" in kindergarten, even though she was always physically active: competitive soccer and swimming, along with no TV or video games, and a childhood spent outside, running around the neighborhood. Our house was not a junk food mecca -- we even had an exchange student comment about this -- but a person can also overdo healthy food.

The summer before her senior year in high school darling daughter weighed 320 pounds and had finally had enough. Over the next year and a half she lost almost 100 pounds, and she's kept most of it off for a decade. Her weight fluctuates a little bit, but she says on top of it, minding her food intake and exercising like a fiend. She runs or walks in 5k or 10k races -- or even half marathons -- all spring and summer long.

It's amazing how motivated a girl can get when she wants the boys to notice her. :rolleyes:

Anyway, I'm not advocating that you do nothing. I'm just saying that if nothing works now, there may still be hope in the future.
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What about Tio? It's a no calorie drop you put in water and it tastes like Kool Aid? Maybe make it up and keep in the 'fridge?
Oh, oh! I can't resist:

If your mother's very clever
she'll make Kool-Aid in the morning
and put in the fridge
where you can get it.

So you'll never have to nag her
when she's putting on her lashes
or working on her knitting
or wake her from her nap!

Sorry. It's embarrassing how many of my brain cells are devoted to remembering old commercial jingles. :eek: My mom hated that one. I can still hear her now: "Lashes? Knitting? Nap? Is that really what people think I do all day?!? Make your own d*mn Kool-Aid!"

Back on topic: Will she drink old water? We keep a couple of Britta pitchers in the fridge and buy bottled water by the case.
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