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Worries about High blood sugar in 2nd -3rd trimester in T1

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I have been a type one for almost 3 years now and i am currently 19 weeks pregnant. since the weekend my sugar levels have sky rocketed and i inject 1 unit of humalog more every day but am still not getting the numbers down. My morning readings are ok, between 5-6, so I don't want to increase my Lantus. I know 5-6 is on the high side for fasting readings but injecting more Lantus gives me bad hypos and i have tried injecting my long acting at various times since pregnant (i.e. Spiltting it up to half in the morning and half in the evening, or injecting all in the morning) but both lead to highs in the mornings. So basically i can only adjust my Humalog.

I am getting readings of between 10-14 2h after a meal. Every day I inject 1 unit more with meals and the readings dont come down, but if i inject 2 units more i have a hypo. Just so you guys understand on Saturday i had my first high where i corrected, then on Sunday i increased by units by 1 per meal which did not help. On Monday I added another one unit (a total of 2 units more than what i was injecting on Saturday) to my breakfast which did not help. So for Lunch on Monday I injected 2 units more (a total of 3 units more than what i was injecting on saturday) and had a ridiculous hypo. So I cut back the 1 extra unit. But that still did not help. and so it has been going on since then. Just 1 unit more every day and readings of 10-14 2h after a meal.

I am worried how this will affect my baby.

I know your sugar levels are supposed to rise but i was not expecting this..
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