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You get excited about blood test meters/pumps etc and the different functions that they have

You say that you feel ‘high’ in public and then wonder why people around you give you weird looks

You think non diet coke tastes completely disgusting

You notice a friend has been drinking and peeing a lot and you want to test their BG level as you automatically assume they must be an undiagnosed diabetic

You know what the terms HbA1C, diabetic ketoacidosis, glucagon, basal/bolus, and endocrinologist mean

You know the amount of carbohydrates in pretty much every food available

You have a favorite flavor of glucose tablets

You get annoyed when you are in a bad mood and someone tells you to test your sugar

You get fed up of explaining to people that you are allowed to eat things with sugar in as long as you eat them in moderation and correctly bolus for them

Your parents ask how you’re doing and you tell them your blood sugar

You find test strips in really random places (how do they get everywhere anyway...I'm sure they have legs )

You think it’s funny seeing the look on people’s faces when you test or inject in public

Ok folks, what do you want to add? :D

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you know your diabetic when your 3 yr old takes a medicine syringe and sits on the couch and "pretends" to give himself his insulin cause he has diabetes like mommy..

you know your diabetic when your kids know that you have to test before every meal and make a "exit" to the bathroom to insulin up!!

You know your a diabetic when you have to pack up more supplies in your little cooler than there is junk in your purse...

You know your diabetic when you are "nagging" at your boyfriend/girlfriend and
they think it is cause your sugar not cause your serious! lol

When you go to someones house and consider it torture for them to have a candy dish out full of reese's peanut butter cups and snickers..
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