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I wanted a meter to carry in my purse so I found an online coupon for the Aviva Nano with the Multiclix lancet.

Compared with the Contour USB and the Microlet 2 lancet, it's pretty darn similar.

The lancets feel about the same, although the Multiclix does have the advantage of having the lancets in a barrel so you don't have any chance of poking yourself accidentally. The Multiclix also has more depth settings than the Microlet 2. The clear "forearm testing" cap came with the Multiclix, which was nice, and you could set the depth, also nice. The problem was that even though the cap was clear, it fit so closely to the tip that you couldn't really use the cap to push on your arm to draw the blood out without smearing everything. Even at the deepest setting it was painless, but I couldn't get enough blood out of my arm. It might work for you though. I sent away for the clear forearm testing cap for the Microlet 2, and it was easier to see what I was doing, but since the depth adjustment is in the cap and the clear cap only has one setting... it wasn't nearly deep enough to get blood from my forearm.

The meters gave readings within .2 of each other. The Contour USB doesn't require any coding. With the Aviva you have to put a chip into the meter with each batch of test strips, but it's no big deal.

If I wanted to hook the Aviva to my computer I'd have to buy the special infrared connector device. That's annoying.

I'll be using the Contour USB the majority of the time just so it keeps my data tracked for me.
1 - 2 of 52 Posts
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